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Patent Attorney Jay R.Yablon, Schenectady, NY

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Services

Safeguard your business with services from Patent Attorney Jay R. Yablon. My practice in Schenectady, New York, specializes in preparing and prosecuting patent and trademark applications and copyright registration. I provide effective legal representation in all matters relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, searches, licensing and royalties.
  1. Patent – Patent Attorney Jay R. Yablon specializes in preparing and filing the necessary documentation for patent and trademark applications. Services include helping individuals who have invented something and are seeking patent and related protection for what they have invented. This legal action is taken so that no one else can make or sell your inventions. This protection may be obtained in both the United States and other countries. I have successfully obtained 200 US and foreign patents for my clients over the years.
  2. Copyright Registration – I protect my clients' expressions, such as artistic work, music, photography, books, and much more. This protects you from having someone else copying your artistic creations.
  3. Trademark – I secure my clients' business names, logos, phrases, or designs that differentiate them from their competitors or others in general.
  4. Licensing and Royalty - I work with clients to prepare and negotiate licensing and royalty agreements.
  5. Intellectual Property Protecting for Clients Who Have Small or Large Businesses - I protect slogans, logos, and any artistic materials that you have invented, providing guidance on what form of intellectual property you will need for your specific positions.
Take proactive measures toward securing your business, with a strong patent, trademark or copyright portfolio.